Carpet is an expensive investment that adds so much to the beauty and comfort of our homes. But like anything that we value, it needs to be maintained. Valley Carpet Cleaning has the equipment and trained personnel to properly care for this.

The real key is to find what works for your circumstances. Sadly, many wait until the carpets look very dirty and soiled. While we are happy to clean them for you (and the effect will be dramatic) this is not beneficial for them or for you. Dirt and other solid matter deep in the carpet act like small grinders as they break down the fibers. This, among other things, enhances the appearances of “traffic patterns” that cannot be cleaned away.

Stay Healthy

Something else to remember is that carpet acts like a large filter in your home. It traps dust, pollen and other items that can be “kicked up” into the air as children and animals play, or as people walk through. A proper cleaning can remove these allergens and other foreign matter from your carpet.

It is recommended that carpeting be cleaned on a 12-18 month rotation. This depends on:

Commercial / Office

The carpets in your office are one of the most important areas dictating the health and attractiveness of your work space. Valley Carpet Cleaning provides the highest in industry standards for carpet care.

Many janitorial companies that advertise carpet care use “shampooing”, small portable units, or their other “creative” means. While these may provide some benefit, they do not get your carpets truly clean.

We use the industry standard of hot water extraction, or “steam cleaning”. This is done by using powerful truck-mounted cleaning systems. This is an important distinction, because truly clean carpets improve your office’s appearance, the health of those in the office and your carpet’s longevity.

Area Rugs

Oriental, Persian and other natural woven products require a cleaning process that differs in the way you clean the wall to wall carpet in your home. It needs to be washed, much like you would your clothing. This cannot be done with even the most powerful of truck mounted systems.

To properly clean your valuable rugs, Valley Carpet Cleaning will remove them from your home and transport them to a shop location. While the specific methods will vary by the nature of the rug, the basic principles remain the same. After a thorough examination of the rug and notation of its condition, the real work begins.

This is a multi-step process:

  • Dusting

This is a process where the rug is vibrated so the dust, grit and other insoluble contaminants are removed from the depth of the rug.

  • Washing

Your rug is thoroughly washed and rinsed using mild cleaning products designed to be safe on your rug’s delicate fibers.

  • Drying

The rug is quickly dried to avoid the running of color, the formation of mildew or mold, or any damaging effects that prolonged exposure to moisture can have.

This thorough process results in a clean, fresh smelling, beautiful rug. It is a process that improves the health and appearance of your home and the preserves the longevity of your valuable rug.


The furniture in our home is a focus for family life. For example, that favorite recliner often “moonlights” as our dining table, movie theater seat and, even sometimes, our bed. It might be where a grandchild spends time with a juice cup or where the family pet lays claim. With all the use these expensive items receive it is important that they are regularly cleaned. Such cleaning can preserve their appearance and add longevity.

And cleaning they need. Can you imagine snuggling up to a blanket that was used daily, but had never been cleaned in a year? No matter how much air freshener you use, it doesn’t make it clean. Now think about your upholstery. How often is it used? Who’s been using it? When was the last time it was really cleaned?

Valley Carpet Cleaning has the tools, products, and training to clean your valuable upholstery for a pleasant feel, appearance, and fresh scent.

Pet Problems

We love them, we hate them. Yes, our pets can create many headaches with their messes on our carpets, wool rugs, and upholstery. But in the end, we always keep them. Valley Carpet Cleaning can assist you in dealing with the “presents” our pets leave behind.

There are many factors that make it impossible to give an absolute guarantee in removing all staining and odor. But, we do have a variety of products and methods that, when applied in a timely manner, can prove to be successful.

Please call us as soon as possible so we can help you to clean up the problem area and start to restore your relationship with your pet again.

Green Cleaning

Valley Carpet Cleaning is very concerned about the your health and the health of your family and pets. We also value our health as your carpet cleaning technicians. Therefore, we offer and focus on using green cleaning solutions to provide a clean area and reduce the impact we have on our natural world.

Our featured green products are designed to be effective at cleaning, but when disposed of, have no negative impacts on the environment. They are considered to be food grade waste. Thus, the environmental impact is similar to pouring chicken soup out on the ground. This helps us, and you to sleep a little easier.

Why Choose Us?

In an effort to save money, some will attempt to clean their rugs themselves. While we applaud the effort of the “do-it-yourselfer”, the results are not nearly as effective as a certified carpet cleaning technician with the right equipment. Rental machines are ineffective in deep cleaning your carpets. They tend to clean only the surface while over-wetting the carpet and forcing dirt further down into it. This is not a good solution for the your health or the longevity of your carpet.

Valley Carpet Cleaning uses powerful “truck-mounted” carpet cleaning equipment. This equipment produces tremendous heat, pressure and vacuum suction that allows for deep cleaning with quick dry times. But the effectiveness of a tool is reduced if not in the hands of a competent person. A Valley Carpet Cleaning technician is trained and certified by the IICRC organization. We understand the science behind cleaning. Thus, we are able to use the most effective solutions and methods to care for your carpet.

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